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Let’s be an Uklon franchisee

We would like to see the launch of Ukrainian leading ride-hailing service in your country

Let’s be an Uklon franchisee
Uklon features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Possibility to pay by card or cash
  • Rider & Driver ratings
  • Available for Android & IOS
Uklon features Rider app
Managing the price
Rider can affect on the price in both sides, make it bigger or smaller, with special app function
Uklon features Rider app
Trip tracker
Rider can share his route
with family and friends
Uklon features Driver app
Order openness
Driver have access to all information about order including price and final destination

Prosperity of our service

  • 27
  • 12
    Years on the market
  • >11mio
    App downloads
  • 74
”The speed of our daily life is becoming very high. We can`t and won`t change it, but.. As a flexible IT company, we can make our way more comfortable and even joyful.We are nonstop exploring customer experience and improving our products by using technological solutions for everyday challenges.Join us and together we will change the culture of urban life.”
Со-Founder & CEO Uklon
Dmitry Dubrovsky
Dmitry Dubrovsky

Franchise package

What support we provide before and after the launch
  • Modern soft

    High functional Uklon Rider & Driver apps and innovative customizable CRM

  • IT & Marketing support

    Share deep knowledge and expertise in competition with global players

  • Franchise book

    Full package of standards and business processes

  • Unique brand

    With own identity and possibility of local adaptation

  • Consulting support

    Regarding any business aspects

  • 1
    Financial model calculation
  • 2
    Localization and adaptation of software
  • 3
    Development of a unique marketing strategy
  • 4
    Full package of standards and business processes
  • 5
    Brand guidelines
  • 6
    Trainings for employees
  • 7
    Consulting support from dedicated launch team
  • 8
    Pricing recommendations
  • 1
    Back-office support from personal manager
  • 2
    IT support and regular soft updates
  • 3
    Marketing support from personal marketing specialist
  • 4
    Financial and operational performance analysis reports

Your journey to launching franchisee


Let’s make urban life in your country better with Uklon!

Fill out the franchisee application form so we can get started or send us an email: franchise@uklon.com.ua

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