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RULES OF THE PROMOTION «+10% cashback through bonuses during special hours»

RULES OF THE PROMOTION «+10% cashback through bonuses during special hours»

These official rules (hereinafter referred to as the «Rules») of the promotion titled «+10% cashback through bonuses during special hours» (hereinafter referred to as the «Promotion») determine the procedure and conditions of its conduct. Participation in the Promotion is free of charge. The Promotion is not a gambling game, lottery, gambling service, or contest, and cannot be used in any form of gambling. Participation in the Promotion means full and unconditional acceptance by the participant of all the terms and conditions of the Rules and any amendments thereto.

The Promotion is held within the framework of the coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico». The public offer for participation in the coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico» is available at: https://umico.az/ru/public-offer.



1.1. «Promotion» is a promotional campaign under the conventional title «+10% cashback through bonuses during special hours», aimed at generating interest and consumer demand and attracting new users to the «Uklon» Mobile Application and the coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico». The campaign is aimed at promoting and advertising the services provided by the Organizers.

1.2. «Promotion Territory» means the territory where the terms of the Promotion are valid. The Promotion is held only for the users on the territory of the city of Baku (Republic of Azerbaijan).

1.3. «Promotion Period» or «Promotion Duration» means the period (period of time) during which the Promotion is held, starting from 21:00 o’clock 06.10.2023 to 01:00 o’clock 29.10.2023 yrs. inclusive, Baku local time. The Promotion is applicable only during Special hours during Promotion Period.

1.4. «Organizer(s)» – «UKLON AZERBAIJAN» LLC, and «COMPETO» LLC. «Executor(s) of the Promotion» – «COMPETO» LLC as regards accruing cashback through bonuses.

1.5.«Participant(s) of the Promotion» – means a legally capable individual (citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreign citizen and stateless person) who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old at the time of participation in the Promotion and who has fulfilled the necessary conditions for participation in the Promotion. The Promotion is valid only for the Users of the «Uklon Online Service» who have registered using the «Uklon» Mobile Application and who became a participant in coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico» proposed by the Organizer «COMPETO» LLC (become a “Client” in the meaning of and according to Public Offer placed at: umico.az/docs/rules. The Organizer has the right to exclude any of the Participants in case of doubts about the good faith fulfillment of these Rules by such Participant or the establishment of the fact of their intentional violation.

1.6. «User of the Uklon Online Service» and/or «User» means a legally capable individual who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old and who uses the «Uklon Online Service».

1.7. «Uklon» Online Service» or «Online Service» or «Technology Platform» means a technological platform in the form of an interconnected set of computer programs and electronic data in the form of numbers, letters, symbols, images and their combinations (including graphic information, video information, etc.), which is intended for automated monitoring, collection, processing, distribution, storage, presentation of data on orders for Services placed by Users and offers of Services placed by Uklon Partners, automatic calculation of the cost of Services based on the ratio of supply and demand, weather conditions, route and its workload, etc., and which automatically builds routes and provides data exchange for communication between the User and the Uklon Partner, and provides the User with the opportunity to search and familiarize themselves with the offers of the Uklon Partners, automatically generated in accordance with the User’s criteria, regarding the possible execution of the Order, and also at their own discretion to accept or reject the relevant offers of the Uklon Partners, change the recommended cost of the Services, provide evaluations of the Online Service and Uklon Partners and interact with them, use the built-in programs. The Online Service is the result of computer programming that belongs to software products.

1.8. «Services» mean the services for the transportation of passengers by road provided to Users by Uklon Partners, which are in a contractual relationship with the Organizer on the basis of an agreement on providing access to the Online Service (supply of software products), which is public, and is concluded by accepting the Public Offer posted by the Organizer on the website: uklon.eu.

1.9. «Special hours» mean a time period on each Friday and Saturday starting from 21:00 o’clock and ending at 01:00 o’clock on the following Saturday and Sunday respectively (Baku local time) within Promotion Period.

1.10. «Uklon» Mobile Application» or «Mobile Application» means a copy of a computer program in the form of a mobile application for iOS, Android mobile devices called «Uklon», which is provided by the Organizer to the User for temporary use for its functional purpose as a tool for accessing the Uklon Online Service».

1.11. «Promotional Offer Website» means a website on the Internet where these Rules are posted for public access at the following address: uklon.eu.

1.12. The Organizer has the right to change the Promotion Period, Promotion Territory, other terms and conditions of the Promotion by posting (publishing) an updated version of the Rules on the Promotion Offer Website. The said changes shall take effect from the moment they are published on the Promotional Offer Website, unless otherwise specified in the Rules.



2.1. To participate in the Promotion, the Participant shall take the following actions during the Promotion Period:

  • download the Mobile Application and register as a User of «Uklon» Online Service via mobile operators’ numbers of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • allow the Mobile Application to use geolocation when using the Mobile Application;
  • become a participant in coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico» proposed by the Organizer «COMPETO» LLC (become a «Client» in the meaning of and according to Public Offer placed at: umico.az/docs/rules);
  • order the Services via Mobile Application and use the ordered Services during Special hours.

2.2. Upon fulfilling the sequence of conditions (actions), specified in p. 2.1. of these Rules the Participant receives the «Umico» bonus manats at the accrual rate increased for 10% in case the cost of the ordered Services is paid with cash or cashless (by means of credit or debit card).

If the Participant in this Promotion qualifies for other ongoing promotions with rules published on the Promotional Offer Website, they will receive the aggregated bonus manats cashback specified in all such promotions; or


2.3. The amount of «Umico» bonus manats is calculated in the equivalent of 1 AZN – 1 bonus manat.



3.1. «UKLON AZERBAIJAN» LLC as the Organizer and Executor of the action is fully responsible for the proper conduct and legality of the Promotion, taking into account the following in this section.

3.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the quality of service of telecom operators, services of Internet providers, including but not limited to technical problems with data transmission when using communication channels during the Promotion, the work of telecom operators, any errors of telecom operators and/or Internet providers.

3.3. The cost of use of Internet / mobile communication, which is carried out by the participant in order to participate in the action, is paid by the participant independently at its own expense and corresponds to the standard cost of service according to the tariff plan of the provider of this service.

3.4. The Organizer is not responsible for any technical malfunction of the Internet / mobile communication network, as well as other technical failures arising from circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.



4.1. All issues related to the processing of Users’ personal data (including, but not limited to, the purpose, grounds, processing procedure and procedure for withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data) are governed by the Privacy Policy posted on the Promotional Offer Website and in the Mobile Application.

4.2. The Organizer shall not be liable for the violation of the Rules in the event of force majeure (circumstances of insuperable force), such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in force in the Territory, other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.

4.3. By participating in the Promotion, the Promotion Participant confirms the fact of familiarization with these Promotion Rules and his/her full and unconditional consent and is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

4.4. The Participants shall be informed about the Rules through the Promotional Offer Website where the Rules shall be posted. Additional awareness information about the Promotion may be subsequently disseminated from time to time by the means of various advertising materials and forms of communication, such as: announcing the Rules on the radio, on the Internet and social networks, in printed advertising materials, in outdoor advertising, emails to Users of the «Uklon» Online Service, Push notifications in the Mobile Application, Viber or SMS messages and through other online media.

4.5. Obligations to pay taxes and fees established by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan are determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, taking into account the specifics established by the Rules of the Promotion and coalition consumer loyalty program «Umico».


The edition is effective from 29.09.2023.